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    We Teach The Principles Of Patient-Centered Care.

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    Patient-Centered Medicine?

    Countless studies prove that a patient-centered approach yields improved outcomes, higher patient compliance, fewer malpractice claims, more satisfied patients, and lower practitioner burnout.

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    We’re Medical Practitioners, Like You...

    We know the challenges of providing quality care.

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    Learn Rapid Rapport for Results Today

    Our interactive, experiential methods offer you easy tools you can use with your next patient.



We Teach Patient Communication That Gets Results

Studies show that only 7% of communication is verbal; the remaining 93% is about how you interact rather than what you say. Imagine how much more effective you will be when you know the secrets of non-verbal medical communication.

That’s precisely what we teach. Our innovative, results-oriented methods are designed to work seamlessly with the way you practice now, and evidence proves that learning our revolutionary approach can lead to greater patient satisfaction, improved treatment outcomes, fewer malpractice claims, and lower incidences of practitioner burnout.

Discover more satisfaction and success in your practice. Our courses in rapid rapport ensure that you get changes you can see and results you can count on.

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Discover our fun, experiential, multi-media seminars.


Immediately applicable techniques that fit easily into your clinical routine.


Develop the ability to establish rapport quickly, even with difficult people.


Proven methods that have been field tested to ensure they work.